Easy Home Inspections "It will be EASY for yo

Easy Home Inspections                                    "It will be EASY for yo


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Don't let this happen to you get your dryer vents cleaned. In Florida today!!


If you are buying a home, don’t skip the home inspection!

A home inspection contingency allows buyers to learn about major and minor issues with a home before purchasing it. Many lenders won't offer financing on a home without an inspection. Home inspections can uncover potentially life-threatening problems like mold or faulty wiring that could cause a significant fire.

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Borrowed from another Facebook site:
So this is a result of why you don't turn on a breaker in the panel that is in the off position. I had just explained to the buyer and selling realtor/partial home owner that the front GFCI was not working and that breakers are off in the panel and to have an electrician check out the system. While I was answering the buyer's wife questions about concerns she had on the outside of the house. I smelled electrical burning, Walked around the house and found the buyer husband and realtor/owner standing there with this dumbfound look on their faces at the panel. I asked what happened they answered fire shot out of the panel when they turned on the breaker and it tripped. I seen that it was the front porch GFCI breaker had tripped walked to front porch and found the top pic like this. Realtor/owner took cover off and pulled out GFCI and bottom pic was the result. So I know no one in this group would ever do this, but if you aren't sure please never turn on breakers that are in the off position. Even if the realtor gives you permission.


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I live in Leesburg and can possibly help your home insurance savings by doing a 4 Point Inspection for $99. Most of the time you save the $99 in the first year on your insurance. Easy Home Inspections, Steve Cantelli, 603-918-6071 or [email protected]


Check your deck to make sure it is safe for the grandchildren and all of those outdoor parties. There are many deck collapses every year!!


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