Greater Philippi LFA

Greater Philippi LFA

Photos from Greater Philippi LFA's post 01/12/2023

Dear City of Cape Town

You claim you are a city that works for all. Let’s test this myth.

1. Philippi has the highest unemployment rate in all of CapeTown.
2. Philippi has the highest crime rates.
3. Highest murder rate.
4. Highest number of hijecking.
5. 2 high school only
6. Three 4 primary schools “yet they want to know why there are so many drop outs”.
7. Zero fuels station.
8. Zero shopping mall.
9. Zero police station.
10. Zero law enforcement officers.
11. Zero ATM basic ATM.
Sporting facilities
12. Browns farm multipurpose facility. (Only lasted for 18 months) city wanted to turn our facility to water retention point. 15 years later nothing ever happened.

13. Masivuke field. Even Nelson Mandela visited this field. It was left unattended since 1990. City of Cape Town wants to turn this field to water retention point.

14. Field next to it in Sheffield road. Three young girls have been found dead in that field over in the last 4 years. City of Cape Town says this is a water retention point and they can not look after it.

15. Philippi stadium built in 2010. Stadium was only used the fire five years. Since then the stadium has been a white elephant till vandalized.

16. Our last hope, Browns farm field. As shown below. For the last four years we have been to countless number of meetings with city officials. We have even drove to the field at 2am just to provide security to the field. Chasing criminals at night. We have been promised that the field will be fixed till today nothing. Every meeting its something new. If not PO being not approved, it’s financial calendars ending. Our last hope to promote sports in the township are coming to an end thanks to the City that works for you.

Even the Major has never been to Philippi but visit Lentegeur countless number of times. The road to that township passes through our township. The difference between the two one is a black African township the other is not.

Photos from Greater Philippi LFA's post 20/11/2023

It has been a long sprint. As we conclude matters. We would like to thank every one from kwa Khikhi, Samora and Philippi for your continuous support. Local Football Uncensored thank you for always promoting LFA, no negetive publicity is bad publicity or is it the other way around?

2023 has been a difficult year for us as a LFA. But through unity and tolerance siyigqibile iseason. Thanks to President Simoki, Secretory Mlandezwa and the entire Exco for your leadership.

Thank you to all 36 members of this LFA for the understanding and togetherness. Even when it seemed as if we would lose this year due to internal issues.

Full picture:
- 1 usable field no lights City of Cape Town for the whole year.
- 34 senior Man’s teams
- 3 female teams
- 14 under 18 teams
- 19 under 16 teams
- 22 under 14 teams
- 14 under 12 teams
- 11 leagues
- 1 astroturf field playable only between 9am-5pm
- Grass ground not usable due to City of Cape Town and politics involving Philippi.
- lights got vandalized over 14 months ago till today never been fixed.

Through all of this we have managed to produce:
- Sasol ladies league B stream winners🏆.
- Coke Amature Cup ladies Champions 🏆.
- Coke Amature Cup men last 8 team.
- Garath Ncaca under 19 Championship 🏆.
- bayhill last 16 team.
- Engen ladies semi finalists.
- Engen men last 8 team.
- Rygate Under 15 challenge Cup Champions 🏆.
- Denise Goldberg under 19 runner up team.
- Denise Goldberg under 14 champions team🏆.
- SAFA Cape Town Club of the year.
- Junior female Player of the year.
- two clubs being nominated for SAFA club of thee year.

Congratulations to Flamingo FC for being crowned champions of LFA Super division. Congratulations to FC Porto B side for being LFA Premier league champions. Congratulation to those you man for signed with Mamelodi sundowns, Polokwane City and more.

We take all these wins and move on. 2024 is going to be a good year. We will continue to take even the always negative comments from some pages as football growth in our township. If there was no football in our township there would be no negative stories to create. We will always be humble and accept criticism good or bad.

We wish all our players, managers, owners and officials all the best during this festive season. To those who will be traveling to different parts of the world. We hope you will travel safe. Arrive alive. Let’s do this again next.


Our legends team will be on it again tonight

📍Rygate Sports Fields
💰R10 per person at the gate
⚽️GPLFA “Amavuku-vuku” vs. Rock-A-Fellas FC

Second group game.

Philippi iKasi lam

Photos from Greater Philippi LFA's post 04/10/2023

Lena yi Greater Philippi LFA.
Abantwana benu baya qhuba.
Please help us keep them off the streets. Support them. Come and watch them mzali.


Well done to Phillipi’s very own queens. Forward we match backwards never.

🔥🔥🔥kubo vuku vuku kubo.

Philippi iKasi lam

Photos from Greater Philippi LFA's post 21/09/2023

Greater Philippi LFA weekend fixtures.

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Greater Philippi LFA Under 18 log standings

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SAFA WC Sasol Women final.

Philippi’s D Heroes 1 - 1 UCT 40min


Greater Philippi’s very own
Dangerous Heroes vs UCT
WC Sasol League decider


Greater Philippi LFA Premier league.
Philippi iKasi lam


Greater Philippi LFA weekend fixture 2023/Sept/9th

Greater Philippi LFA


Greater Philippi LFA Senior Super League

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